• Julia Burns-Painter

    Ideas & Images There is a sense of place in the paintings-I walk the streets with signs and litter and passing cars – untidy city wanderings that are translated into paint.  I take photographs when walking around – I walk everyday- I like the edges of things and places- the neglected and decaying places-  There…

  • Makersdozen Studio 7

    I have a studio attached to Wolverhampton art gallery -part of a group of 13 studios. I have been making a series of large scale paintings on paper utilising the walls and exploring the layering paint very thinly- diluting -glazing-reworking -drawing. Some images of the studio and my working process A slideshow of 21 recent…

  • About My Painting-Author Rachel Magdeburg

    Julia Burns- Abstract Urban Landscape Paintings painting is most deeply engaging when it mixes things up […] discerning new connections and associations between things on a canvas and things in the world                                     Rugoff, 2021 Whilst some purist aficionados defensively proclaim that all landscape painting is representational and all abstract painting abstraction, other standpat authorities cocksurely…

  • Collages

    An ongoing series of collages created from old paintings- exploring composition ideas -shifts in the picture plane- colour clashes -disruptions- jumps- discords- rhymes- arguments ……. All about A3 square

  • Large Work on Canvas

    During 2020 I began a series of large scale work on canvas. The process changed my practice resulting in rich layered paintings using one holding colour instead of 3 or 4 I was then able to translate this language into my smaller work on paper.

  • new paintings

    My recent work has taken on a “louder” edge, with shapes and marks becoming bolder and bigger- with the use of colour more immediate and resonant.  This may be due in some way to my change of location from the South Coast of England to the industrial Midlands with its multi-cultural population and its busy…

    new paintings
  • Archive Paintings for Sale (2)

    All Paintings – Acrylic paint on paper – all dimensions in centimetres

  • Archive Paintings for Sale (1)

    All Paintings -Acrylic Paint on Paper- all dimensions in centimetres

  • New Paintings into Autumn

    More walking- more fragments- more rain I have been continuing to rework old paintings -the ghost of the old one underneath